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Mexican Sea Food

Fishing was prevalent in the ancient civilization that existed in Mexico. So, sea food is an important part of Mexican cuisine. Even after the invasion of the Spaniards the influence of fish and other meat in Mexican food was not lost.  Read the rest of this entry


Burritos – A Quick Grab

A burrito, also known as ‘taco de harina’, is a Mexican food. It is prepared using tortilla, which is made of wheat flour. It is folded in a cylindrical shape to enclose a filling. This is different from a taco that is prepared by folding a tortilla in half and then filling it with stuffing. A burrito looks like a roll. The wheat tortilla used is normally steamed or grilled which soften the burrito and makes it more pliable. Authentically burritos are stuffed with meat and refried beans. These filling are the ones that are mostly used. Read the rest of this entry

Planning a Birthday Party? Throw a Fiesta!

For your upcoming birthday, a Mexican-themed party can be an ideal choice. A fiesta is a fun theme to entertain people of all age groups including senior citizens and children. So, if you are planning on inviting grandparents and young cousins, you might want to start looking for Mexican restaurants that can cater to your birthday party.  Read the rest of this entry

Hot Tamales – The Mouth-Watering Dish of Mexico

Since the introduction of Mexican food to America many years back, you can find restaurants serving this cuisine almost everywhere. The most popular food items include tacos, burritos, tortillas, huevos rancheros, and barbacoa. Even the famous tamales have made its name and won the “hearts” of many people. Here, in Illinois, there are now many restaurants serving this traditional Mexican food. Read the rest of this entry