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Burritos – A Quick Grab

A burrito, also known as ‘taco de harina’, is a Mexican food. It is prepared using tortilla, which is made of wheat flour. It is folded in a cylindrical shape to enclose a filling. This is different from a taco that is prepared by folding a tortilla in half and then filling it with stuffing. A burrito looks like a roll. The wheat tortilla used is normally steamed or grilled which soften the burrito and makes it more pliable. Authentically burritos are stuffed with meat and refried beans. These filling are the ones that are mostly used. Read the rest of this entry


Authentic Mexican Food

Mexican food has been influenced by a diverse history that began with the natives. The Spaniards introduced new foods and spices, after which the combination of American Mexican food was introduced. Read the rest of this entry

What Your need to Know about the Crunchy and Delicious Flauta

A few years back, there were only a few dishes of Mexican cuisine known to us. We were familiar with the taco, burrito, and nacho. Now, we can find a wide variety of dishes – from sweet to savory – that have originated from this cuisine. The delicious Mexican dish – the flauta is also known as a taquito. It is quickly growing in popularity with its crispy covering and succulent filling. Read the rest of this entry

Hot Pechugas – A Haven for Lovers of Mexican Cuisine

The popularity of Mexican food is continuously increasing every day and you can find at least one food joint serving this cuisine in every American city. The basic staple of this cuisine includes chili peppers, corn, and beans, while it is now blended with a fusion of different types of meat, herbs, dairy products, and spices. If you are looking for a good place to have authentic Mexican food in Aurora, Illinois, Hot Pechugas is the best option.  Read the rest of this entry