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Authentic Mexican Food

Mexican food has been influenced by a diverse history that began with the natives. The Spaniards introduced new foods and spices, after which the combination of American Mexican food was introduced. Read the rest of this entry


Living Healthy with Handmade Tortillas

When you have made it a priority to eat healthy, it may be problematic for you to find suitable food because you always need to consider whether a particular food item is healthy for you. What you need to know is that you can get sufficient amount of nutrients, without adding on to your weight, by eating handmade tortillas. Even when you decide to go out for dinner, look for restaurants like Hot Pechugas that use handmade tortillas in their dishes.  Read the rest of this entry

The Menudo – Traditional Mexican Food to Warm Your Spirit

When we talk about Mexican food, most of us tend to picture crunchy tacos and scrumptious burritos. The fact that soups are also a part of this delicious cuisine can sometimes slip our minds. The traditional Mexican soup is called a menudo and is made with the stomach of beef. Mixed with a number of typical ingredients, this dish is normally tangy and savory.  Read the rest of this entry