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What Your need to Know about the Crunchy and Delicious Flauta

A few years back, there were only a few dishes of Mexican cuisine known to us. We were familiar with the taco, burrito, and nacho. Now, we can find a wide variety of dishes – from sweet to savory – that have originated from this cuisine. The delicious Mexican dish – the flauta is also known as a taquito. It is quickly growing in popularity with its crispy covering and succulent filling. Read the rest of this entry


Facts on the Cheesy and Delicious Quesadilla

Among all the Mexican dishes you can find in restaurants today, the quesadilla is one of the most popular. This dish comprises of a tortilla wrap filled with a mixture of condiments and then folded into the shape of a half-moon. You can add ingredients like cheese and vegetables of your choice. Originating from Mexico, the name of this dish comes from a combination of the word “queso” and tortilla. Queso is the Mexican word for cheese, which is a base ingredient of this dish. Read the rest of this entry