Mexican Sea Food

Fishing was prevalent in the ancient civilization that existed in Mexico. So, sea food is an important part of Mexican cuisine. Even after the invasion of the Spaniards the influence of fish and other meat in Mexican food was not lost. 

Fish and coconut

The mix of fish and coconut was a favorite among the people many years ago and it hasn’t lost its popularity even now. A lot of specialty restaurants that serve Mexican food offer in their menu many sea food dishes. The influence of coconut-based sea food in Mexican cuisine is seen very often. Some consider fish and coconut to a perfect match as well.

Fish Tacos

Among fish tacos the most popular one is the grilled or deep fried shrimp taco. This is a favorite among many and nobody would want to miss a chance of having this dish. The taste of the shrimp fried or grilled in Mexican spices and served with fresh vegetable and guacamole is delicious.


Another popular dish is fish quesadillas. These can also be called empanada because the techniques used to make these two are the same. These are very popular in the Tex-Mex line of restaurants. To prepare this dish they use dough which is made of maize or corn, and then stuff it with fish and other Mexican spices. It is then deep fried. This dish is normally served with the Mexican salsa or guacamole. Salsa and guacamole are known worldwide as the perfect combination with all Mexican dishes.


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