Burritos – A Quick Grab

A burrito, also known as ‘taco de harina’, is a Mexican food. It is prepared using tortilla, which is made of wheat flour. It is folded in a cylindrical shape to enclose a filling. This is different from a taco that is prepared by folding a tortilla in half and then filling it with stuffing. A burrito looks like a roll. The wheat tortilla used is normally steamed or grilled which soften the burrito and makes it more pliable. Authentically burritos are stuffed with meat and refried beans. These filling are the ones that are mostly used.

Traditional vs. Popular

In Mexican restaurants outside Mexico, the burritos are generally filled with a mixture of Mexican-style rice or plain rice. The refried beans are very popular. Other ingredients used are salsa, meat, lettuce, Mexican guacamole, sour cream, and cheese. Burritos are available in various sizes. The most popular burritos are stuffed with many more ingredients than the normal vegetable or meat.

Types of Burritos

There are various types of burritos that are popularly known across the world. In many sitcoms we hear people going out for a breakfast burrito. This type of burrito is made of breakfast items wrapped in the traditional wheat wrap. This dish is popularized by many Tex-Mex restaurants. Some popular stuffing for a breakfast burrito is potatoes, onions, scrambled eggs, and bacon.

Another popular type of burrito is the smothered burrito. The burrito is covered with red chili sauce and melted cheese. Instead of the normal hand held roll this one is eaten with a fork.


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