Authentic Mexican Food

Mexican food has been influenced by a diverse history that began with the natives. The Spaniards introduced new foods and spices, after which the combination of American Mexican food was introduced.

Native dish is a dish whose ingredients were originally available to the natives. Some of these products include corn, fish, tomatoes, and goat meat. Authentic Mexican dishes are those that are being currently prepared in Mexico in its original form, for about 50 years. The spices used to flavor the dishes are also from Mexico.

Authentic Mexican food is enjoyed by everyone. Most of the chain restaurants offer you food that is close to its actual taste. The tacos and enchiladas are quite authentic. Some say that the corn used to make these are imported from Mexico, with the intention of keeping the taste perfect.


Many restaurants also offer handmade tortillas that are imported from Mexico, to let visitors get the perfect and original taste. Tortillas are flatbreads that are used to make a lot of other Mexican specialties like enchiladas and quesadillas. It is made from finely ground wheat flour. This was an invention during the Spanish invasion. Though it was introduced by the Spanish, tortillas are now a part of the Mexican authentic cuisine and are used widely across the nation.


Fajitas also are considered an essential part of the Mexican cuisine. It appeared around the 1970’s and stayed to be a part of the Mexican palate. It is a popular Tex-Mex restaurant menu item. It is mainly made of grilled meat or chicken served along with vegetables and pickles. It is traditionally served in the taco chip or on a tortilla base.


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