Living Healthy with Handmade Tortillas

When you have made it a priority to eat healthy, it may be problematic for you to find suitable food because you always need to consider whether a particular food item is healthy for you. What you need to know is that you can get sufficient amount of nutrients, without adding on to your weight, by eating handmade tortillas. Even when you decide to go out for dinner, look for restaurants like Hot Pechugas that use handmade tortillas in their dishes. 

Nutritional benefits of handmade tortillas

Although the nutritional content of handmade tortillas may vary depending on the recipe, given below is the nutritional information on the typical corn or flour tortilla, as provided by the United States Department of Agriculture.

A tortilla that has an approximate diameter of 6 inches can be defined as a medium tortilla. A medium tortilla made of flour weighs about 30 grams, and has an approximate calorie content of 95. The ones made of corn weigh about 24 grams each, with an average calorie content of 50. These calories are derived from the carbohydrates. Handmade tortillas are a good option for you, if you are following a regular exercise regime along with a healthy diet plan.

It is more important to consider whether a particular food item has more healthy unsaturated fats than unhealthy saturated ones. You will find that flour tortillas contain, you three times more good fats than the bad ones. Corn tortillas contain four times more good fats than bad ones. Handmade tortillas with healthy fillings and a few glasses of healthy margaritas can become a good snack combination for you.


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