What Your need to Know about the Crunchy and Delicious Flauta

A few years back, there were only a few dishes of Mexican cuisine known to us. We were familiar with the taco, burrito, and nacho. Now, we can find a wide variety of dishes – from sweet to savory – that have originated from this cuisine. The delicious Mexican dish – the flauta is also known as a taquito. It is quickly growing in popularity with its crispy covering and succulent filling.

A brief about the flauta

The term ‘flauta’ stands for ‘flute’ in Spanish because this dish has some sort of similarity in appearance to the musical instrument. There are a couple of claims in regards to the origin of this dish, but it seems to have originated in California. The dish is a family recipe that has its origins in Mexico. You can also find quite a number of variations to the flauta in different regions.

The flauta is generally made by filling a tortilla wrap with a savory dish and then deep-frying the entire roll. It is usually served hot and is sometimes topped with a variety of other ingredients. The filling may consist of beef, pork, or chicken. It sometimes contains cheese, vegetables, or potato.

Potato fillings in a flauta are considered as a breakfast dish and are usually accompanied by eggs. Every flauta dish typically comes with a salsa or guacamole dip to complete the flavor. Once you have had a taste of one of these, you can’t resist munching on them while watching your favorite sports. They are also great to serve as snacks for weddings and birthday parties.


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