The Menudo – Traditional Mexican Food to Warm Your Spirit

When we talk about Mexican food, most of us tend to picture crunchy tacos and scrumptious burritos. The fact that soups are also a part of this delicious cuisine can sometimes slip our minds. The traditional Mexican soup is called a menudo and is made with the stomach of beef. Mixed with a number of typical ingredients, this dish is normally tangy and savory. 

More about the delicious menudo

The menudo is either a clear or red chili based broth and usually contains chopped onions, lime, crushed chili peppers, and chopped cilantro. You can also find ingredients like crushed oregano in some variations of this soup. This mixture of various condiments gives off a spicy and mouth-watering scent that would make your stomach growl in hunger.

Many Mexican restaurants serve the menudo with traditional Mexican bread like tortillas or bolillos. This dish is so popular in Mexico that U.S. and Canada       export beef stomach tripe to Mexico in large quantities. According to the tradition, the menudo is a family food and is prepared by all members of the family. It is also served in huge social gatherings and celebrations. It is believed to be one of the best medicines to cure a hangover.

The preparation of this dish requires a lot of time and effort because there are so many varieties of ingredients that require cutting and cooking. However, there are many Mexican restaurants in Illinois serving the menudo, so you can enjoy a bowl or two without having to put in too much time and effort in preparing the dish. You can even find restaurants that serve the menudo with delicious handmade tortillas.


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