Facts on the Cheesy and Delicious Quesadilla

Among all the Mexican dishes you can find in restaurants today, the quesadilla is one of the most popular. This dish comprises of a tortilla wrap filled with a mixture of condiments and then folded into the shape of a half-moon. You can add ingredients like cheese and vegetables of your choice. Originating from Mexico, the name of this dish comes from a combination of the word “queso” and tortilla. Queso is the Mexican word for cheese, which is a base ingredient of this dish.

More about the scrumptious quesadilla

There are many variations to the quesadilla because the dish has evolved over the years as people adapted it in their own way, adding new ingredients of their choice. It is generally made of tortilla and the filling comprises mainly of cheese. Condiments like ham, pork, or vegetables are often added. The preparation involves heating the quesadilla on a pan until the cheese melts. You can even fry or toast the quesadilla.

After this dish has been introduced in America, it has evolved in many ways – from the type of cheese used to the ingredients added. The types of cheese commonly used in American restaurants to prepare quesadilla are Colby Jack, Monterey Jack, and Cheddar cheese. This dish is quite similar to another Mexican dish called sincronizada, which consists of ham and cheese between two tortillas.

In many American restaurants, the quesadilla is made with a special twist particular to the restaurant and then served as an appetizer. Many sport restaurants have even successfully adopted the idea of snacking on a plate of quesadilla and chilled beverages while watching your favorite sports.


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