Hot Tamales – The Mouth-Watering Dish of Mexico

Since the introduction of Mexican food to America many years back, you can find restaurants serving this cuisine almost everywhere. The most popular food items include tacos, burritos, tortillas, huevos rancheros, and barbacoa. Even the famous tamales have made its name and won the “hearts” of many people. Here, in Illinois, there are now many restaurants serving this traditional Mexican food.

More about tamales

For those who haven’t heard of tamales or haven’t had a taste of this delicious food, tamales are made of starchy dough called “masa.” The dough is wrapped in a leaf wrapper (usually corn husks) and then steamed or boiled. This dish can be stuffed with different types of fillings including meat, fruits, cheese, chilies, or vegetables. This delicious dish has its origins dated back to the time of the Ancient Mayans.

In traditional Mexican homes, tamales are usually made only during special occasions and auspicious events. This includes Christmas, Mexican Independence Day, weddings, and quinceaneras. The time and effort it takes to prepare this dish is the main reason why it is usually served during these big celebrations only. All the female members of the family – from grandmothers and aunts to granddaughters and nieces – get together for the preparation of tamales. They share the work and fill the home with laughter and happiness.

Taking all the time-consuming and complicated preparation aside, you can simply buy fresh tamales from Mexican restaurants across the city. Hot Pechugas is a sport restaurant in Illinois famous for its delicious and mouth-watering tamales. So, if you want to give this dish a try, head on over to Hot Pechugas and have a taste of the tamales without having to spend the entire day in preparing them.


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